The actress Katerina Helmy died

Katerina Helmy

The actress Katerina Helmy died at the age of 83.

Katerina Helmy played, among other things, the rival of Aliki Vougiouklakis in the movie "Our love" and went down in history for the saying "Tsakisou".

The news was announced by director Petra Terzi.

Her first appearance in the cinema took place in 1957 in the movie Barbayannis the Pitcher but her biggest success is The Red Lights, where she said the line " Don't leave, Dori, I'll be cured".

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During her career she appeared in more than 25 films and 4 television series. She also authored several books.

Her husband was professor and academic Konstantinos Svolopoulos. Unlike her husband, who was a close friend of Konstantinos Karamanlis and director of the Karamanlis Foundation, Katerina Helmy was politically active in PASOK, as a member of the Union Committee of Scientists-Artists.

In the municipal elections of 1994, she was elected a municipal councilor of the Municipality of Athens with the faction of Theodoros Pagalos.

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