Kos: Polish woman Anastasia found dead under a tree covered with branches


The missing 27-year-old Polish woman Anastasia was found dead on Sunday in the Alykes area of Kos.

According to Proto Thema, a volunteer searcher found Anastasia under a tree in a bag covered with branches about one kilometre from the house of the 32-year-old Bangladeshi, who is being held by the police.

The Polish woman was found naked, and her body was wrapped in a sheet — the first evidence of Anastasia's death points" to strangulation.

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Second person under investigation

In addition to the Bangladeshi, the authorities are also investigating his Pakistani roommate. Footage from security cameras from neighbouring residences shows the Bangladeshi entering his home with the 27-year-old. However, his roommate claimed to authorities that no such thing ever happened, with police believing he was lying.

The evidence derived from the analysis of genetic material is also important, as Anastasia's DNA was found in the Bangladeshi's home.

The timeline of the case

The 27-year-old was last seen in a mini market in the Marmari area on Monday night.

According to reports, while in an intoxicated state, she met with a group of men from Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was then that she contacted her compatriot for the last time and told him that someone would return her with a motorcycle, but she never came back.

The disappearance of the 27-year-old was reported to the Police by her partner on Tuesday, reporting that she disappeared on June 12. The authorities proceeded to arrest a 32-year-old man from Bangladesh on charges of kidnapping.

The evidence derived from the analysis of genetic material is also important. Anastasia's DNA was found in the Bangladeshi's home.

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The home of the 32-year-old Bangladeshi

Already, in the previous days, the authorities had taken her genetic material from the room where she lived, in order to compare it with the rest of the findings. The mobile phone was found 500 metres from the Bangladeshi's house.

Another issue concerns Anastasia's mobile phone, which was found at noon on Saturday in an abandoned building in Marmari by a man who works as a security guard. The authorities found that the SIM card had been removed from the mobile phone.

However, the abandoned house where the mobile phone was found has nothing to do with the last spot given by the antennas, in the Tigaki area, at 4:16 in the morning on June 13, nor with the place where the Bangladeshi said he left the 27-year-old.

Instead, it was found very close to the Bangladeshi's home - about 500 metres - with police believing someone had dumped it there.

One of the videos examined by the police authorities shows Anastasia last Monday entering a barbecue shop to buy something to eat. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts with the bag of personal items on her back, she headed to the counter to order and pay.

At the same time, scratches and signs of struggle were found on the body of the 32-year-old Bangladeshi who is being held on charges of kidnapping and is considered the main suspect in the murder of the 27-year-old Pole.

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