Greek court orders part demolition of 5 star hotel for obstructing Acropolis view

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Greece's highest court had issued a ruling stating that an Athens hotel must demolish its two top floors due to the obstruction it poses to the view of the Acropolis.

Located at the base of the Acropolis in Koukaki, Coco-Mat Athens BC has been given a three-month period to plan and carry out the necessary renovations on the building.

The five-star hotel came into question in 2019 when it was discovered to have exceeded the maximum building height of 24 meters in the area, along with another construction project.

With Coco-Mat's construction going 12.5 meters above the permitted limit, there was a public outcry, as the building was situated within the archaeological area of the UNESCO heritage site.

This situation prompted the environment and culture ministries to conduct an investigation into the current zoning laws in Athens.

"The harm inflicted on the Acropolis also affects our civilization as a whole," remarked Greek culture minister Lina Mendoni at the time. "The Acropolis is not just a monument; it is a symbol."

The owning company, Ble Kedros, received two fines for the hotel: 4.7 million euros for the construction of the top floors and 2.3 million euros for the delays in demolishing them. It has been reported that the latter fine will be reissued each year the demolitions do not take place.

Despite initially receiving approval from the Athens Municipality, the hotel's license has now been revoked, and the Tourism Ministry will not reinstate it until the court's order is executed.

However, the plans to demolish and reduce the number of floors from ten to eight have not yet begun, as Ble Kedros intends to appeal the court ruling and the decision made by the Ministry.

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