Antipaxos, a piece of Paradise on Earth


The stunning little island of Antipaxos is a favourite day trip destination from both Paxoi and Corfu.

While very few visitors stay overnight, the two amazing beach coves near the island's north are packed every day in summer with local and international visitors who fall in love with this stunning isle.


Antipaxos is tiny, measuring only 4km long, and is completely unspoilt making it the place to visit if you really want to experience serenity. There are no shops, no real roads, only a couple of tavernas and just a few houses with friendly locals.


This spot is all about peace and quiet and glorious beaches, with the most famous being Vrika and Voutoumi, known worldwide for their transparent waters and breathtaking settings. The gorgeous beaches offer some of the finest clear blue seas in the world for swimming and snorkelling and are safe for all ages to enjoy. South of these two beaches are many more private coves that can also be reached every day over summer.

Boats bring in day trippers once a day from nearby Paxos, but once the last boat leaves for the day, total tranquillity kicks in and as soon as the sun sets you can enjoy the island to yourself.

Apart from its beaches, Antipaxi is home to some beautiful white stretches of coastline, olive groves and a large vineyard, which produces some fine wine.


Although there are no shops, there are some great beach taverns serving local Greek dishes and refreshments.

Antipaxi may be one of the smallest of the Ionian islands but it is packed with plenty of Greek charm and is a must see when visiting this part of Greece!

Is Paxi the same as Paxos?

Are Paxos and Paxi the same place? Yes, Paxos is also called Paxi (or Paxoi), from the plural of the Paxos in Greek, as it refers to the group of small islands that Paxos is part of. Antipaxos is also known as Antipaxi.

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