Storm Daniel: The five rivers of Thessaly are full - See the map


The map of Thessaly changed after the onset of Storm Daniel, which proved to be three times more destructive than "Ianos", while based on satellite data, the largest part of the prefectures of Trikala and Karditsa has been overwhelmed by the waters of streams and tributaries of the Pinios.

In the satellite image, analysed by the BEYOND centre of the Athens Observatory, it appears that the area flooded by storm Daniel (in light blue) is three times the area inundated by Ianos (in purple).

It is estimated that while Janos destroyed 150,000 acres, this time around 750,000 acres were flooded, 97% of which was arable land, raising concerns for the next day regarding food sufficiency.

The special feature of Thessaly is that five rivers meet there.

The Enipeas (the 10th largest river in the country) comes from the east of Palamas, collects water from Mount Orthrys in Fthiotida, exits the Thessalian plain and meets the Sofaditis River that comes from Sofades. Both pass east of Palamas and head towards Pineo.

West of the village of Palamas are Kalentzis and Karambalis, and they also head to Pinios.

All four meet each other before the Metamorphosis, enter Pinios, together with the waters of the torrents above Farsala.

Meanwhile, ten people have died so far because of the storm 'Daniel' in central Greece, Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Friday, while another four are still missing in Volos and Mt. Pilio.

The minister said that authorities are on alert about Pinios river in Larissa, also in central Greece, whose overflooding already affected the village of Yiannouli and the town of Tyrnavos. Sections of Larissa were also flooded. Kikilias said that flooding phenomena may become more intense.

Kikilias strongly rejected rumors that claimed the government's interventions in the area created a redirection of the river waters, and called on people to "be careful with fake news that relate to human lives."

"Overall, because of the Daniel storm, 10 of our fellow-citizens have unfortunately lost our lives, while there are also 4 missing people in the regions of Volos and Pilio and we hope they are well, just as yesterday's missing in the region of Agia Triadha were found safe and sound," Kikilias said.

Since the huge rescue and evacuation operation by air and land began two days ago at the 14 villages, 296 rescues have been carried out by helicopters of the Fire Brigade and the Armed Forces, the minister said.

"Of these fellow citizens, 150 needed immediate medical attention, which was provided to them," he noted.

As Kikilias noted, 1,700 people have been rescued in total while 20 helicopters - from the Fire Brigade (9), the Armed Forces (7), the Hellenic Police (1) and from Switzerland's firefighters who were in Greece to fight fires (3). The latter 3 are being used to distribute food and water to flood-trapped villages.

The Fire Brigade's and Armed Forces' air support could not operate before midday Thursday, due to ongoing extreme weather and heavy lightning activity, the minister explained.

As during last night, rescues by air and boats will continue again through Friday night, he said, helped by 1,000 rescuers from Civil Protection and the Armed Forces.

Kikilias also thanked rescuers of the Fire Brigade and the Army "who struggle in the flood waters for hours, helping trapped and isolated fellow citizens, and a great 'bravo' to volunteers in villages who help with their own means, showing humanitarianism and solidarity."


An emergency alert on 112 was sent on Friday to residents of the Ippokratis neighborhood in Larissa, central Greece, to evacuate to the center of the city and the Alcazar park in particular, because of flooding from Pinios river.

The city has been on alert at least Thurday, when the city authorities warned businesses and farmers located near the river to evacuate, for fear that the accumulating water will rise even more.

The city, which has seen floods in the past, had earlier issued warnings to residents of the Larissa section of Yannouli to evacuate by themselves or with the help of the Fire Brigade, otherwise to move to higher floors or to the Stadium of Neapoli.

It also warned residents of the district of Agios Thomas, where water overflowed from street drains into the ground floors of homes and some residents had to be evacuated by the Fire Brigade, to leave their homes and head toward Filippoupoli or move to higher floors.

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