10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece

10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece

Mani..Whether you prefer mountains or sea or both together, the Peloponnese, with its postcard landscapes, is the ideal place for a vacation, for just a few days or an extended trip.

No other part of Greece combines stupendous mountain scenery and scenic hikes with deserted, pristine beaches and a wealth of ancient sites like the Peloponnese, making it the perfect autumn destination.

Providing a break from everyday life and the city, the Peloponnese is a special place of infinite villages, wonderful cities, beaches, and secrets, filled with unique natural beauty enriched by a long history.

However, here we focus on the beautiful Mani and list 10 reasons to visit at first.

ONE. Wherever you stay, spend at least a day touring the Mesa Mani Peninsula by car or motorbike, stopping in as many villages as possible and enjoying complete freedom. The Mani Peninsula, long known by its medieval name Maina or Maïna, is a geographical and cultural region in southern Greece. It is eerily beautiful with imposing landscapes and beautiful villages, coastal and mountainous.

TWO. If you could visit only one village of Mani, this would be the impressive city of Vathia, just past Gerolimenas and known for its tower houses built on a hill dominating the surrounding countryside.  A walk in the alleys with prickly pears is a must in this beautiful village.

10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece Vathia

THREE.   Take a cruise of the spectacular cave complex of Diros, otherwise known as ‘nature’s underground cathedral’. Filled with impressive stalagmites and stalactites that were dramatically formed millions of years ago, Diros allows visitors to travel right back to the Neolithic era.

10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece Diros Cave

FOUR. Go on a "safari" of Byzantine churches (Agios Zacharias, Panoros, Agios Nikolaos) in the village of Lagia in Mesa Mani.

FIVE. Go for a walk through the old village of Itilo, one of Mani's most beautiful traditional villages. Located about 11 km from Areopoli, its old stone houses are built amphitheatrically into a cliff with a wonderful view of the picturesque Itilo Bay and opposite the historic Monastery of Dekoulou.

10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece Itilo

SIX. Stay at, or even visit, the 19th-century complex of buildings that make up the historic boutique hotel in Gerolimenas and, if you have time, dine in its remarkable restaurant.

10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece Gerolimenas

SEVEN. Enjoy fish from the Laconic Gulf in the wonderful tavernas of Neo Oitylos and Karavostasi. Also, don’t forget to sample the famous red shrimp of Lakonikos.

EIGHT. Walk through the pedestrian village of Areopolis, a well-preserved historical town with stone paths and traditional tower houses and enjoy a coffee or drink in the charming medieval bars.

10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece Areopolis

NINE. If you are the hiking type, experience the wild beauty of Mani by walking to the lighthouse at Cape Tainaro, the southernmost tip of mainland Europe (approximately 20 minutes walk), where the gate of Hades was located according to Greek mythology.

TEN. The doll-like town of Kardamili, with its stone-built houses in an always sunny bay, is worth a walkthrough. Located at the feet of Taygetos mountain, the charming ancient city, complemented by pebble-fitted beaches like Foneas beach next to endless olive gardens and stone-built villages, has evolved into a chic and sophisticated resort that captivates Greeks and tourists as the perfect Mediterranean location.

10 Reasons to Visit The Mani, Greece Kardamili

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