Mitsotakis vows to take up the fight against multinationals selling more expensive in Greece

Mahmoud Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis

“We are not a Banana Republic,” the Greek prime Minister said vowed to take up the fight “against multinational and national companies that sell their products at much  higher prices than elsewhere.”

In an interview with ANT1 TV late on Wednesday and speaking about the high prices of food and essentials in the market, Mitsotakis  acknowledged that prices are still high, but argued that “we are seeing the beginning of the end in terms of rising inflation.”

As for olive oil prices that skyrocket week by week, the Premier blamed a “global phenomenon,” and once again dismissed the prospect of a VAT cut and he highlighted government actions to tame high prices.

He also claimed that when prices fall, income increases will remain.

With the controls on the market not bringing any satisfactory results, the prime minister chose to send a “message” to companies and multinationals that are making profiteering.

“If some people think that Greece is a banana republic and they sell the same products at different prices, they are in deep trouble. If necessary, we’ll deal with them and we;ll do it. Be patient and you will see,” Mitsotakis warned.

He stressed that he is “interested in the progress of the economy having an impact on each and everyone, i.e. better salaries in both the private and public sectors”.

PS Following Mitsotakis’s warning On Wednesday night, I was not able to find the usual 1-litre olive oil bottle I ordered via the website of a big supermarket on Thursday morning…

On social media posts, Greeks wrote that some supermarkets in northern Greece have imposed a cap of up to 3 bottles of olive oil.

And to think that they still sell oil pressed last year, when it was almost half of today’s price.

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