Greece Set to Welcome Europe's Largest Coastal Park in a Remarkable Transformation

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Athens, Greece, is about to add an exciting new destination to its list of must-see places – The Ellinikon, which will soon host Europe's largest coastal park, effectively doubling the green space in the city.

While Greece boasts a rich heritage of monumental sites and ancient classics, The Ellinikon promises to bring something new and transformative to the region. This ambitious development, spearheaded by Odisseas Athanasiou, the CEO of LAMDA Development, is set to breathe new life into neglected land along the city's coastline.

Greece Set to Welcome Europe's Largest Coastal Park in a Remarkable Transformation 1

The Ellinikon project is an ambitious endeavour, transforming once-neglected areas, including the decommissioned Athens International Airport and the site of the 2004 Olympic Games, into a vibrant and sustainable hub. Athanasiou states, "This place used to be 70% cement, and soon it will be 70% green. It is going to change the whole microclimate of the area. And, because we get to start from scratch, we can build a 15-minute city where you can be anywhere you need to be within 15 minutes."

One of the standout features of this development is its commitment to sustainability and green construction practices. The project strongly emphasises sustainability, with a LEED-certified approach to next-generation construction. This means that the dormant runways and unused Olympic athletic venues are being repurposed into new structures, creating park benches for green spaces or forming the foundations for new buildings. The Ellinikon is committed to environmental responsibility by reusing most of the demolition materials on-site.

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Rendering of Ellinikon Park LAMDA

Visitors to The Ellinikon can look forward to various activities and amenities. Athanasiou emphasizes that the goal is not just to offer shopping opportunities but to provide diverse experiences. For example, visitors will find a museum dedicated to the Olympic Games, an aquarium, and an adventure land for families in one of the malls, Golden Hall. Additionally, there will be several luxury hotels available for visitors to choose from.

The beachfront Mandarin Oriental Athens Hotel and Luxury Residences will grace the coastal front of The Ellinikon, with a scheduled opening in the summer of 2027. This 5-star hotel is set to offer 123 rooms and suites, along with 17 luxury branded residences, all boasting breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf and direct access to the sea. The Ellinikon is poised to enhance Athens's reputation as a desirable destination for travellers.

Mandarin Oriental Athens Hotel and Luxury Residences
Mandarin Oriental Athens Hotel and Luxury Residences

It will be in a good five-star luxury company with the recent opening of the One&Only Aesthesis (not part of the Ellinikon) just down the road and is taking bookings from January 2024

The Ellinikon project is a testament to Greece's commitment to preserving its heritage and embracing the future, promising a transformative experience for all who visit this coastal paradise.

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