Kondylatos slammed for saying "Greek girls lost their European aesthetic and show off their fat bellies" - Reveals photo from when he was fat

Pericles Kondylatos

Pericles Kondylatos and his recent statements about overweight women were the target of many shows and commented on negatively. He was interviewed by the "Breakfast SuSou" program on Wednesday.

"I have brought a stone from my place, whoever wants to stone me. I've heard much worse than that," Pericles Kondylatos initially said.

He added: "When you see people cursing you on all channels because you decide to be honest, it bothers you a lot. I feel like I have to stop talking and do whatever. I want people to tell me what they want me to say.

"If you listen to the comments that men say to each other about these women going around as I have described, they are not honourable at all."

Then, Pericles Kondylatos referred to a difficult period when he was overweight, even showing a related photo.

Pericles Kondylatos

"I had buried this photo with my cousin in the farthest trunk; it hurts me a lot because I see a child who was very unhappy in his teenage years. This was the beginning of my fatness when I reached the peak. I had a health problem," said Pericles Kondylatos

"I had to have an operation on my appendicitis because I kept passing out from the pain; then the doctor came and said he couldn't put me in surgery at this weight. One day, I was in a nightclub with my parents, and I got peritonitis and fell on the plate," he continued.

"I was saved at the last moment," added the jewellery designer.

Referring to Danai Barka's outburst against what he said, he emphasised: "If Ms Barka thinks I had to go through this because there should be freedom, what can I say? Let me go through it. What I said was only about health."

Finally, Pericles Kondylatos said: "I did not want to provoke anyone, if I have hurt anyone, I humbly apologise. Sincerely. I will not discuss any subject again; we will let everything pass."

The controversy started when Pericles Kondylatos, inspeaking to “Your Breakfast” show, said: “You would say that Greek women are women who have a European aesthetic and a sense of moderation, now I don’t see that anymore out on the street. I see overweight girls sticking their bellies out.”

“I don’t have a problem with the extra kilos, but with body shaming and all these movements, we’ve lost our temper a little. It’s not possible for a man who doesn’t like something to show off his fat.”

He then added: “We can’t see adverts with overweight women dancing ballet or adverts for sanitary napkins that show us that the model is a 100kg woman who throws them out.”

“Someone must come out with courage and say it because we live in the age of political correctness where we are all afraid to speak”.

He also stated: “We have lost our temper, and I call on people with the same views as me on fashion, aesthetics and culture not to be afraid to come out and speak. We will not be reversed by the right things we know.

“The right thing is one thing; it’s the healthy thing, what the doctors say.”

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