The new surprise project at Ellinikon

ellinikon project

A new project with a very modern design and specifications in terms of social housing is being planned within Ellinikon in the area allocated as a remunerative provision to the Municipality of Glyfada, following the agreement with Lamda Development.

On ​​4.5 acres, the municipality will acquire the first Municipal Nursing Home, with Lamda taking over the project's design costs, which will become a part of the social infrastructure within the Ellinikon master plan, New Money reported.

The nursing home will have at least 130 rooms and many spaces for creative employment and activities.

The aim is to construct a building that will "fight loneliness, helping its residents to meet, be active and enjoy the natural environment," say its contributors, the team of SquareOne and Kostas Poulopoulos, of V3 Architects, STRUCTURE AE and TEAM E-M.

The building is developed in a U-shape that allows the free flow of tenants in and out, with a courtyard in the centre of the building, the heart of the complex, where people can socialise in smaller or larger groups while simultaneously being a meeting place.

The building will be developed with completely green features, with planted terraces, while on the ground floor, there are common areas with restaurants, laboratories, classrooms, medical support areas, etc.

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