EU Food Prices: Olive Oil Up 75% Since January 2021

Greek olive oil

In September 2023, the price of olive oil was 75% higher than in January 2021. This significant increase has led to unprecedented levels in the market.

Alongside olive oil, potatoes have also witnessed a substantial price hike of 53%. Consumers have faced higher costs when purchasing this staple food item.
Eggs have become more expensive as well, with prices soaring by 37%. This rise has impacted consumers' budgets and their ability to afford this essential protein source.

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EU Food Prices: Olive Oil Up 75% Since January 2021 1

Butter, another household staple, has experienced a notable increase of 27% in prices. As a result, consumers are paying more for this commonly used ingredient.
These steep price increases in food items have put a strain on consumers' wallets. The rising cost of essential foods in the EU brings concerns about affordability and access to nutritious options for households.

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