HERACLIS Group Introduces Greece's First Zero-Emission Electric Concrete Transport Vehicles

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The HERACLIS group has introduced the first pure electric concrete transport vehicles to Greece, emitting zero pollutants. This move strengthens the national effort to transition to electrification and a climate-neutral economy.

The inaugural electric concrete transport vehicles will be utilized in The Ellinikon, Europe's largest urban regeneration project, renowned for sustainable development and progress.

This endeavor aligns with the HERACLES group's "green" strategy aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions and enhancing its sustainable development efforts.

omilosIraklis 622 768x576 1
HERACLIS Group Introduces Greece's First Zero-Emission Electric Concrete Transport Vehicles 1

Specifically, the group is methodically addressing "scope 3" applications, encompassing pollutant emissions from collateral activities not directly originating from its core production process but arising from the entire supply chain, including transport.

To realize this goal, the group will gradually replace its product transport fleet with environmentally friendly electric vehicles. This strategy confirms the group's commitment to decarbonize heavy industry and the construction sector.

Nikolaos Bozos, General Manager of Exports & Supply Chain at the HERACLIS group, commented, "We are very proud to pioneer once again by adopting innovative electric propulsion technology for heavy vehicles. The introduction of fully electric, zero-emission concrete trucks underscores our dedication to a sustainable future and a sustainable heavy industry. Since transportation contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, transitioning our vehicles to electric mobility marks a crucial step toward sustainability and environmental protection."


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