The Northern Lights reached Greece! The sky turned red in Central Macedonia - See images

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Macedonia Greece November 10, 2023

Who said you have to be in Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights?

Last night, the red sky phenomenon gave an unprecedented sight to the residents of Central Macedonia, but also other Balkan countries, allowing them to experience the northern lights from their homes.

The images resemble a huge fiery front, but it is the Northern Lights. It is an infrequent phenomenon, which becomes visible for the first time as far as the Balkan countries and ends up being visible as far as Serres, but also other areas of Central Macedonia.

The cause, according to the first estimates, was a powerful solar flare that had the effect of noting a powerful geomagnetic storm that is ongoing over the Northern Hemisphere, as the director of the EMY, Theodoros Kolydas, said in his post.

Statistically, it is practically and scientifically impossible for the Northern Lights to reach the southernmost latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, as it is generally an event only visible in the Nordic countries, as they are closer to the North Pole.

And yet, for the first time, the Northern Lights became visible in almost the entire Old Continent, ending up in the northern parts of our country, thus creating images of unique beauty. Still, one would also say, .eerie.

See images and videos:

What is the reason for the red colour in the Northern Lights:

The red colour of the Northern Lights is due to collisions of lower energy particles with oxygen atoms at high altitudes (240 km) after intense solar activity that causes a massive ejection of solar plasma from the surface of the Sun, which is directed towards the Earth.

But when the colour of the Northern Lights is green, it is due to the collision of higher energy particles with oxygen atoms at lower altitudes, resulting in the production of photons that emit a green colour.

The scientific explanation:

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