Greek-American NYPD Officer retires with Zeibekiko and Zorba

NYPD John Pappas

New York Police Department (NYPD) said goodbye to the city's Transportation Department K-9 Commander John Pappas, who retired after 29 years of service. At the farewell ceremony, which took place with all solemnity on Wednesday morning at the Department's facilities in Long Island City, a crowd of police officers and his friends rushed to shake the outgoing Commander's hand and wish him well.

As early as 11 a.m., Greek music was playing in the surrounding area, honouring John's Greek origins, while inside, NYPD officers and guests had the opportunity to enjoy selected Greek dishes and visit him in his office.

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The contribution of the Greek commander to the formation and development of the special K-9 Department of the NYPD for transportation was praised, among others, by the deputy chief of the Central Department of Transportation, Raymond Porteus, the Deputy Inspector, Jonathan Bobin and the retired Commander of the Department, Joseph Fox.

Taking the floor, John Pappas expressed his gratitude to his colleagues and superiors at the NYPD, recalling that he is the child of immigrants who worked hard. At the same time, he also made particular reference to his family.


Then, before the official "dismissal", the Greek-American asked to dance a zeibekiko, choosing the song "I am Greek" by Noti Sfakianakis. A little later, he was accompanied by his two daughters and wife, while his origins from Chios, which he later honoured, was accompanied by an island dance.


Finally, with police officers and K-9 dogs lining up, he made an honourable exit with his also-retiring police dog, Pallas, amid the music of "Zorba", thus ending a career of nearly 30 years.

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