Lakis Gavalas: "I was offered to go to Survivor with over 10,000 euros a week, I didn't accept"

Lakis Gavalas

The fashion designer revealed the amount he was offered to participate in Survivor in his statements.

Lakis Gavalas spoke on the show "Pame Danae", saying: "I have been offered Survivor. The amount offered to me was over 10,000 per week, but I did not accept it. To go the other way to go with the money they offer me for a week, the jet lag alone is not worth it to me, so that's why I said no."

He continued, saying: “You didn't see me on My Style Rocks because they thought they were going to get me to be a guest. I was not offered the new series of My Style Rocks because I declare everywhere that I cannot go for a thousand reasons."

Finally, he mentioned his collaboration with Nikos Vertis, about which he said: "For me, the fact that Nikos Vertis did me the honour, who knows very well the good, the aristocratic, the authentic entertainment of Athens, to grant me a great space and being the art director, for me that's more than 15 My Style Rocks, Shopping Star and all that stuff, I swear."

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