All Greek Super League games without fans for 2 months following hooligan violence

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Super League matches will be held without spectators for the next two months following a serious case of fans violence, government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis announced during a press briefing on Monday.

The ban will apply until February 12, 2024, while it will also be extended to the Super League 2 championship matches for the second teams of football clubs in Superleague 1.

The government spokesperson announced the measures following the recent incidents of sports violence that resulted in the serious injury of a 31-year-old police officer, who was still in intensive care on Monday.

Ban will also apply to Greek Cup games and Olympiacos FC match on Thursday

In an additional briefing on Monday, Marinakis clarified that the ban on spectators will also extend to the Greek Cup games and friendlies of Super League 1 teams and any of their second teams playing in Super League 2.

Responding to questions, Marinakis said that the ban will "for obvious security reasons be extended to the Olympiacos FC match next Thursday for the Europa League."

While sympathising with the disappointment felt by holders of season tickets, he emphasised the need to root out the phenomenon of sports violence, noting that this sacrifice could be their contribution to solving a huge and enduring problem and making football safe for the great majority.

Marinakis said it was imperative that the measures announced actually be imposed this time and that the return to football stadiums is done with identity checks for supporters.

Asked why the measure was not extended to other sports, such as basketball and volleyball, the spokesperson said the government considers that football stadiums account for the "core" of the violence in sports.

"As regards basketball, it has been estimated that crucial games, even Greek championship finals, can be held with the security of spectators assured. For this reason, we consider that extending this decision to basketball and other sports would not be right," he added.

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