Athens Gears Up for Rock 'n' Roll Glamour: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Rises on the Riviera

An impression of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens. Photo source: GEK TERNA

Athens, Greece - December 19, 2023 - Get ready to crank up the volume, Athens! The Athenian Riviera is about to be rocked to its core by the electrifying beat of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens and is part of the Hellinikon project. This mega-project, one of the largest in Europe with a budget of a staggering 1 billion euros, is finally ready to begin construction after permits were officially granted this week.

A Playground of Luxe and Leisure:

Imagine a 5-star haven of opulence with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Picture a thrilling casino floor pulsating with energy, where lucky streaks meet the rhythm of slot machines and the clack of poker chips. Imagine a state-of-the-art exhibition centre hosting world-class events and a rejuvenating rock spa promising to pamper under the Grecian sun. This symphony of experiences awaits at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens.

A Partnership Forged in Grit and Glamour:

Leading the charge is a formidable duo: GEK TERNA, Greece's construction champion holding a 49% share, and Hard Rock International, the global entertainment powerhouse with a 51% stake. This collaboration brings local expertise and global entertainment prowess together, promising an experience unlike any other in the region.

Beyond the Neon Lights:

While the casino floor will undoubtedly be a magnet for thrill-seekers, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens promises much more. Fine dining experiences at diverse restaurants will cater to every palate, while high-end shops will offer a touch of retail therapy. Luxurious outdoor spaces will invite guests to soak up the Mediterranean sun, and the Rock Spa will provide a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

A Global Brand Rocks the Riviera:

The addition to Athens marks a significant milestone for Hard Rock International, further solidifying its position as a leading entertainment brand with over 265 venues in 70 countries. This iconic establishment will undoubtedly add a touch of rock 'n' roll flair to the Athenian Riviera, attracting both seasoned travellers and curious locals alike.

Grand Unveiling:

To formally unveil the final plans of this ambitious project, GEK TERNA and Hard Rock International will host a special ceremony this week. This event promises to be a star-studded affair, generating even more buzz and anticipation for the grand opening in 2026.

More Than a Hotel, a Destination:

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens is much more than just a hotel and casino; it's a testament to the transformative power of tourism and entertainment. With its ambitious vision and international backing, this project is poised to become a landmark destination for Athens and the entire European tourism landscape.

So, get ready to crank up the volume, Athens! The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is coming, and it's ready to rock your world.


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