Undiscovered Sifnos Crowned the World's Best in 2024


Tucked away amidst the Cyclades, a picturesque gem emerges from the Aegean embrace. Sifnos, an undiscovered island in Greece, has captivated the Vogue team's hearts, earning the title of the world's best place to visit in 2024. This unassuming haven promises an escape unlike any other, a tapestry woven with sun-kissed shores, whispering ancient myths, and a culinary scene fit for the gods.

Beyond the Familiar Horizon:

Forget the bustling crowds and predictable routines. Sifnos beckons with an intoxicating air of tranquillity. Wander through charming villages like Kastro, a whitewashed labyrinth clinging to cliffs, where time seems to melt away in the warm embrace of the Aegean sun. In Artemonas, the aroma of fresh bread entices you past quaint bakeries, each pastry a burst of melt-in-your-mouth delight. And ancient ruins stand sentinel in Apollonia, the island's capital, whispering tales of bygone eras amidst the cosmopolitan hum.

Where Every Bite Tells a Story:

Sifnos' magic extends beyond its alluring vistas. This land is where gastronomy is an art form, a story whispered in every morsel. Renowned chef, Nikolaos Tselementes' legacy, lives on in each plate: savour the tangy caper salad, slurp up the hearty chickpea soup, and let the slow-cooked Marcelo, a dish born from ancient traditions, warm your soul. Every bite is a window into history, a testament to the island's enduring spirit.

Beaches Fit for Dreams:

No escape is complete without pristine shores, and Sifnos delivers in spades. Dive into the crystal-clear waters beneath the iconic white church of Chrisopigi Beach, and let the cool Aegean embrace you. Bask on the golden sands of Platis Gialos, where the cosmopolitan vibe adds a dash of urban rhythm. Or lose yourself in the serenity of Vathi beach, followed by a seafood feast that celebrates the sea's bounty.

A Haven for Every Soul:

Whether you seek family-friendly bliss or romantic getaways, Sifnos welcomes you with open arms. Its laid-back atmosphere invites relaxation, while its diverse activities ignite exploration. Hike through rugged landscapes, snorkel in hidden coves, or cycle through sun-drenched vineyards, each corner promising a new adventure, each sunset a masterpiece painted on the canvas of the Aegean.

A Whisper from Paradise:

Travellers describe Sifnos as a "little piece of heaven on earth," and its allure lingers long after you leave. Its unpretentious charm, authentic spirit, and breathtaking beauty leave an indelible mark. As one visitor put it, "Sifnos is unlike any other island. It's a place where time slows down, where laughter echoes off whitewashed walls, and every bite reveals a story waiting to be told."

So, step beyond the familiar horizon and discover Sifnos, the world's best in 2024. Let its whispered myths guide you, and experience the magic of a destination unlike any other.

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