Mother Arrested for Allegedly Killing 6-Month-Old Baby in Veria

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Veria , Imathia, Greece In a shocking incident that unfolded in Makrochori, Imathia, a 37-year-old woman has been arrested and accused of killing her 6-month-old baby. The tragic incident took place inside her home and has left the community in grieving disbelief.

The woman is currently in the custody of the Veria Police Department and is being brought before the district attorney in Veria to face a case for manslaughter. It has been reported that she has been struggling with mental health problems, which could have played a role in the unfortunate event.

Heartbreakingly, the incident occurred yesterday afternoon in front of the woman's two older children, aged 6 and 7 years. These traumatized minors managed to escape the distressing scene and sought help from their grandfather and aunt who reside in the adjacent house. Upon being alerted, they promptly took action.

Despite the efforts of the medical professionals at the Hospital of Veria, the baby succumbed to the injuries sustained during the incident. The hospital has released information stating that the cause of death was strangulation. However, the exact circumstances leading to the tragic outcome will be further investigated by a forensic team in Thessaloniki.

The entire community in Imathia is left devastated by this shocking loss of life. Authorities are urging anyone with information or additional details related to the case to come forward and assist in the investigation. As the legal process unfolds, thoughts and prayers pour in for the family affected by this tragic event.

Source: RES-MPE

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