Shipwreck in Thermi: Two deceased and 8 survivors rescued by Coast Guard and Police

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In a tragic incident, a boat carrying refugees and migrants attempting to cross to Lesvos from the Turkish coast encountered gale-force nine Beaufort north winds.

The vessel, which had reached the sea area near the coast of Agios Georgios of Thermi, was mercilessly slammed into rocks by the powerful winds.

As a result, two individuals of African descent, aged between 25 and 30, tragically lost their lives, with one additional fatality being identified but yet to be recovered. An injured survivor has been transported to the Mytilini Hospital, while the remaining eight rescued individuals have been taken to the Reception and Identification Center of Kara Tepe.

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Eyewitnesses have reported that a total of 36 people were onboard the ill-fated boat. Approximately 24 passengers managed to escape, seeking refuge in the nearby mountains.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether any of these individuals may have fallen into the sea and perished. In the ongoing investigation being conducted by the Coast Guard and Greek Police, the full extent of the tragedy is yet to be determined.

Lesbos remains a transit point for illegal migration into the European Union despite rigorous patrolling by the Greek coast guard and the EU border protection agency Frontex.

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