Greek Soil Yields Rare Metals: Germanium and Gallium Discovered in Peloponnese 


Rockfire Resources says that the discovered high-grade germanium and elevated gallium are expected to significantly enhance the value of its Molaoi project.

In a recent presentation to Greek Energy Ministry officials, Rockfire Resources managers said that they will conduct more exploratory drilling and, after summer, will begin their viability study of the discovered source. The Molaoi asset also contains silver.

Germanium and gallium are both included on the US and EU lists of critical minerals owing to geological scarcity. Gallium is included on the UK list of critical minerals.

Molaoi project.

“The results are extremely pleasing, and many of the samples that initially recorded values close to the lower level of detection returned strongly elevated germanium,” David Price, Rockfire's Chief Executive Officer, said.

“The detection of gallium is a bonus and is expected to add further value to the Molaoi project economics,” he added.

The price of germanium metal ingots is currently $2,856.30 per kg, whereas gallium is trading at $765.30 per kg.

Rockfire confirmed germanium grades between 9.0 and 40.0 grams per tonne (g/t), with the highest individual assay being 73.8 g/t.

Gallium grades between 9.7 and 19.0 g/t have been intersected, with the highest individual gallium assay being 33.3g/t.

Germanium is used in the manufacture of everyday technology, including mobile phones, electronics, solar cells, camera lenses, satellites, computer screens, and vehicle steering and parking sensors.

Germanium is also used in numerous military applications, including weapons sighters (scopes) and infrared night vision.

Gallium arsenide has a similar structure to silicon and is a useful silicon substitute for the electronics industry. It is an important component of many semiconductors.

Any disruption in the supply of these metals would, therefore, unsettle downstream markets valued in the trillions of dollars.


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