Cuttlefish with spinach: Tips for the traditional fasting meal

Cuttlefish with spinach

Cuttlefish with spinach is undoubtedly one of the most classic Lenten recipes. It is so tasty, light, and healthy that many people make it a favourite food to accompany ouzo or tsipouro.

Cleaning and washing the cuttlefish may take some patience, but it is worth it. And, of course, you can also find ready-made, cleaned ones on the market, so the process is clearly simpler there.

In addition to a classic recipe, we also have all those details that will make the difference, as well as tips that you must take into account to make this dish a success.

Helpful tips:

  • About cleaning: separate the tentacles from the body, remove the bone along the body and empty the bag, keeping the ink bags. Remove the skin and rinse them well.
  • Cut the cuttlefish into small pieces before cooking them to soften and mix well with the spinach and the rest of the ingredients.
  • You can use ouzo in the recipe, giving it its strong aroma. Specifically, after sauteing the cuttlefish with the dry onion, green onion, and garlic, extinguish the pan with a little ouzo and let it evaporate before continuing.
  • Some people add a little rice to the food, making it more satisfying and exuberant.

Evi Sklatinioti is a columnist for Olive Magazine. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos

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