Archaeological sites around Thessaloniki that you MUST visit at least once

Ancient Dion

Archaeological sites and museums that reveal the ancient past of Macedonia.

Thessaloniki itself is a huge museum containing almost all phases of history within its urban fabric. However, around Thessaloniki, you can visit some of Greece's most important archaeological sites and get a solid and fascinating taste of everyday life in ancient Greece.

Of course, don't forget the local archaeological museums, which host some of the most well-known finds and attract international visitors every year.

Travel has prepared a list of the most important archaeological sites close to ​​Thessaloniki when you decide to explore northern Greece's ancient past.



Pella is perhaps the most famous ancient city of the Macedonians and is known for its legendary palace and the huge canal surrounding the city, which was once almost seaside.

Although the palace is only partially preserved today, and its mythical glory is only referenced in ancient writers, Pella is still a must-visit place once you are in the area.


Here, you can admire the legendary mosaics of the Hellenistic Era, the most famous of which depict deer hunting in antiquity. Of course, visiting the modern museum of Pella, which houses great finds from the region, is also a must.

If you have time left, you can also visit the modern city of Edessa, which is a little further north.


Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai (Vergina)

The enigmatic city that has identified its name with the tombs of ancient kings is undoubtedly the must-see of Macedonia.

Of course, you must also visit the restored palace of the Aigai.

The Palace of Aigai

The ancient city, which today is preserved in two wonderful museums, the Polycentric Museum of Aigai and the amazing underground Museum of the Royal Tombs, with its rare burial gifts and the golden sarcophagus with the Sun of Vergina, deserves a prominent place on your travel list once you are in the area.


Lion of Amphipolis

It is an interesting ancient stop that will take you to Macedonia's present and past. From the legendary marble (and slightly wild) Lion, the eternal symbol of Amphipolis' entrance, to the legendary Kasta mound, the archaeological surprises of Amphipolis are endless and enigmatic.

The Kasta mound, with its impressive Caryatids and headless Sphinxes, will be open to visitors in 2027.

The Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis, rich in finds, will undoubtedly give you a taste of the area's ancient past that you will never forget.


Ancient Dion

The holy city of the ancient Macedonians just outside the present-day town of the same name is a real trip to ancient Greece.

At the archaeological site of Dion, you can walk along the ancient cobbled central artery of the city and imagine what life was like in a town in Antiquity.

Ancient Dion

Although many of the archaeological sites' findings are unfortunately ruins today, this is not the case for the ancient theatre of Dion, which hosts cultural events as part of the Olympus Festival every summer.

Remember to visit the Dion archaeological museum, which has rescued unique and rare finds from the excavations in the ancient city.

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