Russia Names LGBT Movement as Extremist, Terrorist Organisation


In a significant move reported by state media today, Russia has officially included what it terms as an "LGBT movement" in its list of extremist and terrorist organisations.

This development follows a ruling by the Russian Supreme Court last November, asserting that LGBT activists should be classified as extremists. The decision has sparked concern among representatives of the gay and bisexual community, who fear potential arrests and prosecutions as a consequence.

The list, managed by an agency known as Rosfinmonitoring, holds the authority to freeze the bank accounts of over 14,000 individuals and entities identified as extremists and terrorists. Notably, the roster encompasses a wide range of entities, from internationally recognised organisations like al-Qaeda and US technology giant Meta to associates of the late Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

According to reports from state news agency RIA, the latest addition pertains to the "international LGBT social movement and its structural units."

Under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, Russia has adopted increasingly stringent measures over the past decade, purportedly in defense of what it perceives as traditional family values, contrasting with perceived attitudes and behaviours in the Western world.

These measures include legislation criminalising the promotion of 'non-traditional' sexual relations and prohibiting legal or medical gender transitions, reflecting a broader trend towards conservative social policies under the current administration.

(Source: Reuters)


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