Greece Boosts EU Firefighting Power with New rescEU Aircraft


Greece is among six European Union nations set to receive new firefighting aircraft as part of a major investment in the bloc's rescEU disaster response programme.

The European Commission announced a €600 million project to purchase 12 new firefighting planes specifically designed for tackling large-scale wildfires. These planes will be strategically stationed across Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain, ensuring a rapid response to wildfires throughout the EU.

The agreement marks a significant step towards bolstering the EU's firefighting capabilities, particularly during the critical summer months when wildfires pose a major threat to lives, property, and ecosystems.

Greece recently signed a similar agreement with the Canadian Commercial Corporation for the purchase of these specialised firefighting aircraft. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2027, with transitional aircraft continuing to serve until the entire fleet is operational.

This initiative builds upon the 2019 upgrade of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which established rescEU as a dedicated reserve of firefighting planes, helicopters, and other essential equipment for disaster response. Fully funded by the EU, rescEU strengthens the bloc's ability to manage emerging risks and protect its citizens from natural disasters.

(Source: To Vima)

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