Wild greens with olive oil and lemon

Wild greens simmered with olive oil and lemon

Here's how to cook wild greens in a modern and super tasty way.

Materials for four servings:

500 gr. chard
500 gr. zochos
100 ml extra virgin olive oil
Two leeks, sliced
Four fresh onions, chopped
Two cloves of garlic, chopped
One bunch of fennel, chopped (keep the stems aside)
One bunch of parsley, chopped (keep the stems aside)
50 ml dry white wine
One potato, diced
500 gr. spinach, coarsely chopped
Two lemons
200 ml of water
One bunch of myronia, blanched
One bunch of scallions, blanched
salt, black pepper


Step 1

Blanch the chard and zochos in boiling salted water and drain them. Put the olive oil in a saucepan, and once it is well heated, add the leek, onion, scallions, garlic, and the chopped fennel and parsley stems.

Step 2

As soon as they start to take on a golden colour, extinguish them with the wine. Once the alcohol has evaporated, add the spinach and potato. Mix and then pour in the scalded greens. Add salt, pepper, water, and the one cleaned lemon. Cut it into slices, remove the seeds, and add them to the food. Lower the heat and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

Step 3

After the greens are cooked and the food has softened, add the myronia, fennel, chopped parsley, 20 ml of olive oil, and juice of the second lemon. Mix and serve immediately.

Wild greens simmered with olive oil and lemon
Styling: Tzannis Sifnaios – Food Styling: Makis Georgiadis – Photography: Studio M

Dimitris Giovaras is a columnist for Olive Magazine. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos.

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