Postal Voting – Greek citizens residing abroad can now vote!

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Postal voting is now established, for the first time in Greece. It applies to European elections and referenda. Exercising the right to vote is facilitated. All practical obstacles have been removed.

All Greek citizens registered in the electoral rolls residing in Australia may, without any restriction or other condition, vote by postal vote in the next elections for the European Parliament.

Greek citizens abroad will vote exclusively by postal vote in the European elections - there will be no polling stations abroad.

- Which electoral process does it concern? European elections, June 9th
- What is the registration deadline? April 29th
- Where do I register? On the platform
- How do I register? Either with my TaxisNet codes or with a valid Greek passport number, combined with the ID number / municipality registration number
- I don't have a valid passport or TaxiNet codes, how can I register? At any Greek Consulate, with any Greek identification document, identity card, passport or driver's license, even if they are old / expired
- What information should I fill in? Contact details, residential address and the address to which I wish the electoral material to be sent. No documents required!
- Where can I find instructions? Here: GR)
- I need more help. What can I do; Call +30 210 626 6222 – available 24/7
- When will I receive the envelope with the electoral material? Within May, at the address already stated during the registration process. The envelope will contain detailed instructions.
- Until when should I send it back to Greece? The envelope must be received by June 8, 17.00 pm Greek time. The shipping address is pre-filled.

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