Underage Students Assault Police Officer


Five high school students found themselves in police custody in Ioannina following an assault on a police officer during a school trip. Their teachers and parents are also facing charges related to supervision neglect.

The events transpired late Sunday evening when officers from the Office for the Protection of Minors, under the Ioannina Sub-Directorate of Security, attempted to conduct routine checks on four 16-year-old students. The students, however, resisted the officers, pushing them and resorting to violence. Despite attempts to evade, law enforcement swiftly intervened, leading to the arrest of the students on charges including violence against officials, disobedience, and bodily harm.

In a separate incident later that night, a 17-year-old student was apprehended by officers from the Direct Action Department for violating drug legislation. The student was found in possession of two homemade cigarettes containing a mixture of tobacco and raw cannabis. Additionally, a search of the student's hotel room yielded a plastic grater with cannabis residues.

Following these incidents, the teachers responsible for supervising the school trips were arrested for neglecting their duty of supervision. Simultaneously, the parents of the involved minors are also facing charges of supervision neglect.

Preliminary investigations into both cases are currently underway by the Ioannina Security Subdivision.

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