Ergon Bakehouse: A new-generation bakery with sourdough bread and special pastries

ergon bakehouse

Ergon Bakehouse Athens was recently opened in the centre of the Greek capital by the brothers George and Thomas Douzis, founders of the Ergon company, which is also behind Ergon House on Mitropoleos Road.

The project is housed in a multi-storey neoclassical building that was completely renovated. It preserves its old elegance, reminding us of Athens from another era.

What do we find in its space? 72H Artisanal Bakery & Eatery Athens and a 29-room hotel. A restaurant is planned to open soon on the top floor.

ergon bakehouse

On the ground floor of Ergon Bakehouse, you will find the new-generation bakery, which also serves as a takeaway. You will see 72H Artisanal Bakery, where dough dominates most of its preparations, on the corner of Patroou Street.

A little further on is an area that functions as a cafe, where you can enjoy the goodies of the bakery sitting down. Interspersed between the two is the Ergon Bakehouse reception, which leads to the hotel rooms, which are located on the upper floors.

ergon bakehouse

Pastries and baked goodies are the specialties of Ergon Bakehouse, and the treats that feature in its windows and menus and the decorations and works that adorn its walls have made this a must-eat place in Athens.

Leading the project is the influential head creative baker, Nikos Chandolias, who is responsible for the masterpiece bread made with sourdough, which, until now, we only admired in photos on social media.

Ergon's executive chef, Panagiotis Xanthis, and pastry chef, Martin Kitan, undoubtedly play a leading role in creating the flavours.

ergon bakehouse

72H Artisanal Bakery & Eatery Athens starts the day by offering handheld delicacies, such as the amazing cinnamon rolls with Trikala cheese frosting, cardamom buns and chocolate babka.

On the breakfast menu, served until 5 p.m., are dishes such as rye bread with smoked salmon, hummus bun, to which boiled egg and halloumi can be added, and the very special "new age popara" with caramelised flaky tsoureki (a cross tsoureki and croissant technique) inside in crème anglaise flavoured with coffee – a dish inspired by the favourite breakfast of Nikos Chandolias – a baker by profession.

ergon bakehouse
Photos: Anna Tasioula

You will also find hearty sandwiches on the menu – such as sourdough bread, foie gras ham, beautifully melted gruyere, fresh truffle, fried egg and chive oil.

From midday onwards, there are daily specials, salads, pasta dishes and various options for pizza with biga dough, among them fior di latte, basil and olive oil, as well as goat cheese log, prosciutto cotto, parmesan, truffle chips and fresh truffle.

With a beautiful hall combining masterful industrial and rustic elements and incredibly delicious flavours, visiting the elegant bakery is undoubtedly a must.

info: 9 Patrou Street, Athens, tel. 216 0006 770

Eleanna Gousi is a columnist for Olive Magazine. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos

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