MINOTAUR: The first test of the Greek anti-drone system was a huge success - See exclusive photos

Anti-Drone system Minotaur

Greece might not have heavy industry or even car factories, but there are companies (which we often don't know about) with much to show and offer.

Soukos Robots, based in Larissa, has been in the news several times after unveiling the Minotaur, an anti-drone system using laser beams, at the end of 2022.

How does the defensive weapon work?

This particular vehicle is a defensive weapon that generates a laser beam and can hit moving enemy targets.

The laser beam creates an ionisation cloud, which ignites when it enters range. This is done as the temperatures exceed 3,000 degrees Celsius while the created diameter reaches 1,000 metres.

The Anti-Drone system carried out tests in March and April, and the company's founder, Konstantinos Soukos, informed News Auto that the results were positive and as expected.

Beam of light…

As you will see from News Auto's exclusive images, the Laser system emits a large beam of light.

The weapon operator can direct it where they want, "lock" targets and apply as much intensity as necessary to hit the moving object.

Anti-Drone system Minotaur

Anti-Drone system Minotaur

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