Controversy Over Acropolis 'Las Vegas' Spectacle

A carnival-like spectacle at the ancient Acropolis site in Athens has stirred controversy and raised questions for the Ministry of Culture, prompting an investigation into the unusual event.

Photos circulating on social media depict young people dressed in ancient Greek attire, posing as statues against the backdrop of the iconic Parthenon. The event, which occurred on the afternoon of Saturday, April 27, featured individuals adorned in tunics, sandals, and helmets, portraying figures such as couriers, maidens, gods, and caryatids.

Acro storyOf particular surprise was the presence of the Coast Guard Band, captured in a video performing at the entrance of the Acropolis. The band's appearance raised eyebrows, as it is not customary for them to perform at such locations without prior authorisation.

The Ministry of Culture has initiated an Administrative Inquiry to unravel the circumstances surrounding the spectacle. Questions are being asked as to how such an event could have transpired without detection by Acropolis security personnel or oversight from the Ministry.

While the Ministry has yet to provide an official response, Ms Elena Kontouri, Director of the Athens City Antiquities Ephorate, acknowledged the presence of individuals in ancient Greek costumes among visitors to the site. She assured that an investigation is underway to ascertain how they gained access without detection.

acro featurerStrict regulations prohibit attire suggestive of disguise within archaeological sites, including the Acropolis. Even on Carnival days, such attire is strictly forbidden.

(Source: News 24/7)

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