Making chocolate eggs with children: Tips for a fun but perfect result

Making chocolate eggs with children

Are you looking for creative ways to keep your children busy for Easter? Allow your children to get familiar with the kitchen and cooking by making chocolate eggs with them!

Useful tips to have fun together while making chocolate eggs:

The age limit

Making chocolate with children

Chocolate eggs are not koulourakia and melomakarona; even the smallest children can make them. Nonetheless, making them requires responsibility and control from your children so your house does not become covered in chocolate!

This activity is definitely not for children under four. However, we recommend encouraging more cooperation and creativity in children aged 6-10.

Although the child's gender affects their interests and enthusiasm, the word "chocolate" is synonymous with enjoyment for both boys and girls!


To make such an activity successful, you must get some things to make it even more immersive. You can't start this activity without aprons.

If you have the aprons for painting and watercolours, that's fine. If not, you can buy aprons or make improvised aprons with a tablecloth, for example.

Let your imagination run wild!


Hats are unnecessary, but they are fun, especially for role-playing games. So it's a good idea to buy or make a chef's hat with your child before you start making the chocolate eggs.

Pastry moulds

chocolate easter egg

Our lives have become very easy now that special moulds in various sizes are available in kitchenware or homeware stores. So choose the size or sizes you want.

The other solution is to use a balloon, but we would not recommend this. It is more risky for accidents.


chocolate easter egg

Chocolate! Many flavours and colours are available on the market so use strawberry, caramel, praline, or anything else.

Beyond the outside of the egg, you can also have a variety of fillings. For example, you can put inside caramel, coloured chocolate cups, or smaller eggs that you can make with other moulds...

A very delicious suggestion is to fill them with melted chocolate in a different flavour from the egg (e.g. the egg can be praline on the outside and strawberry on the inside).

By Niki-Maria Koskina is a columnist for Cantina. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos.

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