Crew of Salamis Ferry Rescues Dog Overboard [video]

Crew of Salamis Ferry Rescues Dog Overboard

In a heart warming display of bravery and compassion, the crew aboard a ferry boat sailing the Salamina-Perama route sprang into action to rescue a dog that had fallen into the sea.

The incident unfolded after people aboard the "Ioannis Theresia" ferry spotted the dog struggling in the water. Without hesitation, the captain initiated the rescue operation by lowering the ferry's catapult into the sea, while three crewmen bravely positioned themselves to reach the distressed labrador retriever.

Working as a team, the crew successfully retrieved the dog from the water, pulling it safely onto the deck of the ferry. The passengers onboard erupted into applause, moved by the crew's swift response to the emergency.

Watch the video of the rescue here:

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