So-called ‘Greek Salad’ served with Italian dressing causes huge outrage


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A “Greek salad” that was being served to visitors at Adelaide’s Semaphore Greek Festival in Australia over the weekend has been criticised after it was being served with Italian dressing and the addition of lettuce.

Many visitors took to sharing images of the salad on social media and said they were far from impressed with what was being served.

Xoriatiki 1

Traditional Greek salad otherwise known as a "Xoriatiki" consists of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, capsicum, olives, feta, olive oil and a pinch of salt and oregano. It is the simplicity of this traditional Greek dish that makes it so popular and it’s no wonder so many people were annoyed at the addition of Italian dressing and lettuce, which has no place in a traditional Greek salad.

“Italian dressing? Thank goodness we didn’t make it to see this blasphemy!” said one person, while another wrote, “Clearly it has lettuce in it so it’s not a Greek salad!”

Others called it plain “embarrassing” and “stingy” while a person who works at the Festival tried to justify the substitutions by saying a Greek salad dressing doesn’t exist!

Now seriously, how can you serve a Greek salad with Italian dressing?!