Australia's Marrickville and Dulwich Hill to be formally recognised as a Greek Precinct



The NSW Inner West suburbs of Marrickville and Dulwich Hill are well known for its Greek heritage.

"The Hellenic diaspora has done more to build multiculturalism in the Inner West as any other group. The contribution of Greek migrants over more than half a century has been central to making the Inner West the birthplace of Australian multiculturalism," Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne exclusively told Greek City Times.

To this day if you walk down Marrickville Road or Illawarra Road, you will hear Greek being spoken everywhere.

"Whilst Melbourne is famous as a Greek population centre, the truth is the Greek migrants in Marrickville have been there longer than any part of Australia. It is so important we recognise the contribution they have made...expressing thanks and respect to all of the Greek migrants and the descendants who have made it the Inner West it is today," Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne concluded.

Council will consult with the Consul General of Greece in Sydney Christos Karras and the local community about the right precinct area and the right name for the Greek precinct.

"Congratulations on this important initiative to recognise the hard work, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of thousands of Greek migrants who settled in Marrickville + Dulwich Hill and contributed to building a better Australia. The early years were tough, especially before multiculturalism was formally adopted. Marrickville has always been the spiritual home for the Greek community, the go to place for all things Greek, Deli’s, continental grocers, cake shops, kafenia, social gatherings, Greek School, church or political meetings. Many elders have passed but their legacy lives on and this recognition is very fitting. Well done," Sophie Cotsis, the Member for Canterbury and first woman of Greek heritage to serve in the NSW parliament, commented on Mayor Darcy Byrne's Facebook announcement.

*Image courtesy of TimeOut