Azeri propaganda and the dirty role of Greek media to the detriment of the Armenians

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It is questionable how it is possible in a country like Greece, which is supposed to have traditional ties of friendship with Armenia, to host full-page articles by Azeris, enemies of Armenia, and to present analyses of the propagandists of this dictatorial country, in one of the our most authoritative newspapers – such as VIMA.

You will tell me it’s a lot of money, especially when these media outlets have passed onto businessmen-oligarchs, who capitulate their whole lives, even with the devil, to enrich their wealth.

For them you see, friendship, the rules of morality and honest relations between states and peoples, are unknown words.

The only God they believe in is Mammon – the allegory of money and wealth. And they follow faithfully, as much as anyone else, one of his commands, which is “Sell ​​first, sell all.”

So we saw in the valid financial pages of the online newspaper VIMA on Friday, January 14, the views of a representative of Aliyev’s dictatorial regime, named Orhan Bagirov.

Of course he did not see a door open and then entered. He paid handsomely to register his propaganda as an important view of a technocrat.

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He certainly belongs to the army of loyal men of dictator Aliyev’s regime, and says he is an expert on global and regional economic relations at the Center for International Relations Analysis in Azerbaijan.

In short, he is a well-educated agent and propagandist of Azerbaijan.

What does this guy say? That Azerbaijan is anxious for the future of Armenia and everyone in his country’s government, certainly among them Aliyev, have lost their sleep and have a single meaning that constantly torments them – how to recover the economy of Armenia and consider that it is a pity for Armenia to miss this opportunity to open the corridor to its southern border, in the Zangezur region, for the Azeri corridor to pass through and join Nakhichevan region, which will then lead them safely to mother Turkey.

On this occasion, the railway network, which Armenia so desperately needs, will be built to serve the land transport of its trade, since all other routes in the north of the country are closed and excluded by its ally Russia.

In fact, he raises the issue of the guarding of this corridor by the Russians.

The Azeri propagandist states that there is no reason for Armenia to worry, as long as this corridor is guarded by the Russian army, since on the other border of Armenia with Azerbaijan, as the “great” expert says, they serve together Armenian and Russian soldiers.

However, we do not see such a thing affecting the Azeris, who almost everyday violate the ceasefire agreement they have signed and cowardly attack not only Armenian soldiers, but also ordinary civilians, and kill them.

The same and worse things are happening in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) in order to expel the last Armenians from the area.

From the first moment since the war ended, the Azeris have set their sights on the Armenian area of ​​Zangezur, which they threaten to gain even with war.

In the highly propagandistic text of the Aliyev regime, which VIMA unabashedly hosts, Orhan Bagirov sells seaweed for silk ribbons.

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In fact, he goes one step further with his miserable propaganda, stating that the Armenian government agrees with the plans of dictator Aliyev, but some nationalists in Armenia react, who, if wished, influence the rest of the opposition.

All this, of course, is part of a game of impressions that Azerbaijan seeks to set up with paid listings in various media available to host their propaganda for a few coins. You see, the dignity of some Greek media is valued so cheaply.

The Armenians of the Diaspora, as well as all Greeks, will do well to turn a deaf ear to the various sirens and turn their backs on the poor who serve lies and cheap propaganda.

The truth is that Armenia is united in this difficult time, despite the difficulties it has gone through and is going through, and it is not going to cede its territorial integrity to the fascists of Turkish expansion and the implementation of the Pan-Turkist plan.

Krikor Tsakijian is a contributor to Politis Press.

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This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor