The most delicious tiropites (cheese pies) in Athens and Thessaloniki!

cheese pies tiropita tiropites

Tiropites (cheese pies) is a delicacy that evokes memories of mum bringing them from the neighbourhood bakery or yiayia from her own oven. It is a beloved snack and you can find Greeks we enjoying them in hand, along with a of coffee, before arriving at the office or an appointment.

Kourou, rustic or puff pastry, round or square, whatever its special characteristics, one thing is certain: when a cheese pie is warm and well made, no one can resist it! For this very reason, Olive Magazine gave their opinion on the 10 best places in Athens and 5 in Thessaloniki for tiropites.




Crispy and buttery, with a rich cheese filling, the legendary Ariston's handmade cheese pies is undoubtedly the most classic in town.

It has been made for 116 years, according to a recipe of the Lambotesi family, and is sold fresh and hot, by the hundreds, every morning on Voulis Street, next to the Merchants' Gallery.

10 Voulis, Syntagma, tel.: 210 3227 626


Although awarded for its excellent bread, this bakery is equally famous for its cheese pie. The puff pastry is kneaded and opened by hand, while plenty of barrel-aged feta cheese and béchamel are hidden inside.

The smell and taste of the pure butter balance perfectly with the salty and at the same time spicy cheese.

13 Pratinou, Pagrati, tel.: 210 7251 941 

24 Petraki, Syntagma, tel.: 210 3245 162

26 Tositsa, Exarchia, tel.: 210 3812 817



Traditional kourou, with dry, crumbly dough and the subtle presence of cheese. These are the cheese pies you will find in this family bakery-pastry shop. Made with the finest ingredients, they are always hot as most breakfasts, especially on weekdays, are already sold before they even come out of the oven.

4 Gambetta, Athens, tel.: 210 3847 006


Here the cheese pie is baked in a pan with village foil, opened by hand, and four cheeses (feta, mizithra, Ioannina kefalotiri and anthotiro). Satisfying, with a nice texture, it is sold cut into large pieces (individual portions) but also in smaller squares (bites).

And the best; Also available frozen, ready to bake and enjoy at home.

19 Dimitras, Marousi, tel.: 210 8029 280


In the Athens of the past decades, every classic patisserie that respected itself, in addition to nice sweets, also made a good cheese pie.

The cheese pie at Mike's has fresh butter and first quality feta cheese. The airy sheet of puff pastry is opened by hand and contains as much filling as it needs to be balanced in taste.

9 Soutsou St. and Dorileou St., Mavili Square, tel.: 210 6463 091


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This truly unique cheese pie is made with love and passion from A to Z. The feta and butter are made in the Varsos workshop, with 100% sheep's milk and the leaves, crust and puff pastry, are opened on site.

5 Kassaveti, Kifissia, tel. 210 8012 472

Dimitra Gounaridis

Baked (on a griddle) or fried, each cheese pie made by this workshop in Nea Ionia has its own special grace. Ilias Gounaridis opens daily a thin, airy sheet of crust that encloses all the deliciousness of the feta. Thicker but very crispy, full of little bubbles, the fried version's leaf is mushy in olive oil.

Evangelikis School 5, Nea Ionia, tel. 210 2712 548



Opened in 1958 making exclusively kouro cheese pies according to a traditional Smyrna recipe. Soon the shop was selling 2,000 cheese pies a day. Crisp dough with a golden colour and flavour full of pure butter and fine cheese, these are its secrets.

34 Panepistimiou and Ippokratous, Athens, tel.: 210 3619 830 / 3 Pesmazoglou, tel.: 210 3214 338


The feta cheese and butter come directly from Tzoumerka. The kourou dough is masterfully kneaded and rolled while the leaves are opened with methodical, almost dancing movements. Try all the cheese pie versions they make, they are equally delicious.

9 Lykourgou Street, Athens, tel.: 210 3242 761


Perhaps the most famous cheese pies of the southern suburbs. Mikroulas, made from crispy and quite buttery kourou dough, with an exuberant filling. No one can eat just one. And since you're going there, take a box of niggers home, you'll remember me.

6 Maragou Street, Glyfada, tel.: 210 8943 154

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Blée taste gallery

Blé's cheese pies need no introduction since they are made according to the company's general philosophy based on pure raw materials, traditional recipes and exemplary baking. Very thin and crispy leaves, kneaded with fresh butter or extra virgin olive oil and opened one by one by hand.

Among the highlights, Sfacianes with goat and sheep anthotyros and feta cheese.

19 Agia Sofias, tel.: 2310 220 008


Every morning the cheese pies disappear from the window in just a few minutes since they are handmade, freshly baked and delicious. And because one equals none, their fanatical fans take them two by two to get their fill.

If you find yourself there, try the famous chicken pie with peppers and cheese, it's really delicious.

37-39 Vasileos Heraklion, tel.: 231 0279 804


By the hand of Resiniotou

Here, almost all the ingredients, from the oil to the cheese, are produced by the family that maintains this workshop. The mouth-watering handmade cheese pie is fluffy and just the right amount of fat with a crispy crust and plenty of filling, just as tradition dictates.

12 Kastritsiou, tel.: 2310 264 107


Village cheese pies, incredibly delicious, just like the ones that come out of our grandmothers' ovens. Also, Constantinople butter pies with feta cheese and cheese that no one can resist. Dozens of pans are baked every morning and by noon they are empty.

211 Papafi, Toumba, tel.: 2310 947 815

Terkenlis His

Tsourekia may be famous outside of Greece's borders, but his cheese pies are not far behind. According to history, Terkenlis first became known for the wonderful cheese puff pastry that it has been making since 1948.

Today it also has kouro, Epirotian, Cretan, etc., all equally excellent.

30 Tsimiski, tel.: 2310 271 148


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