Why Greek island hopping by Ferry is fun

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Getting around the gorgeous Greek islands by ferry whether you are single, a family with little ones, or a group of friends, is simple and not to mention fun! So if you want to hop from one stunning isle to another, chances are you’ll find that the ferry is the easiest way to go.


The main thing to keep in mind is that from Athens, you can get to any Aegean island by ferry because although most big islands have airports, smaller ones don’t.

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Not only that, but travelling by ferry means you don’t need to worry about checking in and out of airports, and most importantly it gives you the chance to take in the breathtaking views of the islands by water, as you approach your destination- this really is a highlight!

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There are three ports near Athens- Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrion. Piraeus is of course the biggest port and most people depart from here, and it’s very easy to reach by public transport. Rafina and Lavrion are further away from the city centre, so getting there may require some additional travel time. However, they may be closer to the islands you’re heading for, so leaving from one of these ports may cut down your time on the actual ferry or get you a cheaper fare. Make sure to do a bit of research beforehand to know which port best fits your needs.

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Ferries to the Ionian islands depart from a mainland port  in Western Greece, usually Killini or Igoumenitsa.

And if you are on a budget you will find that in most cases it’s cheaper to travel by ferry to the Greek islands, than by plane.

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These days most ferries in Greece have good seating arrangements and you can sit inside or enjoy a walk on the deck, as you take some amazing seaside photos. There are also cafes and snack bars, so you don’t need to worry about packing food and if you book a cabin you can sleep or take a shower.

Another convenient part about travelling by ferry is you can take your car or motorbike along, which means as soon as you get to the island you can get in your car and drive away!

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Feeling the fresh air against your face, seeing the beautiful water around you and taking in the sun and air as you make your way to your destination truly is a great Greek holiday experience and we think should be tried, at least once in your life!

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