Belvedere Hotel Mykonos Celebrates 2023 Season with Rich Cultural Direction

Rich Cultural Direction

Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos, Greece, a treasured member of The Leading Hotels of the World, announces new cultural collaborations with Director of Ambiance Arman Naféei and artist and designer Luke Edward Hall, along with the 20th-anniversary celebration of the hotel’s renowned restaurant Matsuhisa Mykonos.

The Belvedere Hotel celebrates the 2023 season with a rich cultural direction and festive sentiment, creating a new world where gastronomy, music, and art provide an exciting escape to the dreamy Mykonos. Paving the way for a modern-day era of entertainment at the famed social spot, the hotel celebrates the 20th anniversary of Matsuhisa Mykonos and collaborates with renowned faces of the cultural world, Arman Naféei and Luke Edward Hall, offering its guest a unique and captivating experience of indulgence and discovery. Perched atop Mykonos Town and its vibrant social scene, Belvedere has curated an exclusive lineup of events and novelties for its visitors, awakening the senses and creating lasting memories.

Matsuhisa Mykonos, the first open-air Matsuhisa restaurant in the world at the Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos, celebrates 20 years as the island’s iconic culinary destination, crowned with a jubilant gastronomic week from June 27 – July 2, 2023. Crafting a one-of-a-kind Omakase bar on its terrace, the hotel offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea while enjoying Matsuhisa’s exquisite tastes. The Japanese term Omakase, meaning ‘I'll leave it up to you,’ represents a traditional Japanese dining style in which the chef chooses and prepares dishes for the guests based on the day's freshest ingredients. With a completely open bar, the guests have an exclusive opportunity to engage in conversation with the master chefs, getting to know more about the cooking process and the artistry itself while the chefs improvise and craft a custom menu for their guests. The Omakase experience will be further enriched with an exclusive star-studded lineup of guest chefs, including the legendary celebrity chef Nobu MatsuhisaSabu HoshinoHideki EndoHideto LincolnTony Vratsanos and Mark Edwards.

Over the last few decades, the family-owned luxury boutique hotel has transformed into a superb social and hospitable experience, setting out to capture a nostalgic glance in pursuit of the elusive Mykonos feeling. The hotel continues to elevate the social experience of its guests for the upcoming season to another level, with exciting new art editions and cultural ambience set to start a new era of Belvedere’s cultural rebirth.

Elevating the seasonal Mykonian experience, Belvedere Hotel announces its new collaboration with Arman Naféei, the renowned musical tastemaker for a special DJ performance. With his unique title of directeur d’ambiance, Naféei is set to explore and fine-tune the mysterious soundtrack of Mykonos through the famed hotel, ultimately crafting an exciting connection between music and lifestyle. By specializing in music direction, sound design, spatial strategies, and cultural programming, Naféei is crafting the hotel itself as a prime cultural destination in Mykonos, consequently shaping a long-term sound identity for Belvedere, continuing to evolve for years to come. Known for his brilliant music direction of hotels such as Chateau Marmont and Chiltern Firehouse and brands such as Chanel, Prada, and Giorgio Armani, Naféei’s vast knowledge and expertise will immerse Matsuhisa’s anniversary and the Belvedere Hotel for the summer season with a fresh ambiance signature, crafting an exceptional world of entertainment, inspiration and elegance. Curated by Naféei specifically for Belvedere’s celebratory season, the music program will feature a stellar lineup of extensive international DJs performances, fostering a fresh entertainment atmosphere. From favorites of the fashion industry like Mia Moretti and Lou Hayter to residents of Ibiza’s club scene such as Camilo Miranda and Luca Averna, Belvedere becomes the ultimate destination to experience eclectic summer sounds.

Nestled under the luscious bougainvillea and incredible views, the hotel’s new pool club, designed by Conceptboarding, becomes an oasis of tranquillity and indulgence, perfectly complementing the hotel's dedication to the privacy of its guests. The pool club's new colourful editions of yellow and sapphire blue upholstery seamlessly integrate modern elegance with the hotel’s timeless charm as a homage to Belvedere’s vibrant greenery amid traditional Mykonian blues and whites. Further elevating the social experience, Belvedere has secured several tables for the games of chess and backgammon, inviting guests to indulge in thrilling strategic tournaments while basking in the sun-drenched pool area. Following the thread of inspiring cultural collaborations, Belvedere’s new pool club is charmed with a site-specific mural by the British artist and designer Luke Edward Hall. Characterized by bold and colourful aesthetics drawing inspiration from classical art and design, Hall’s designs range from playful and whimsical to sophisticated and elegant and are infused with his unique personality and love of storytelling. The mural is a homage to the creative ethos of the hotel and a natural result to a sensory response and feeling that Belvedere and Mykonos bring. The new art piece brings about a sense of conviviality, emphasizing the pool area as a place of enjoyment and relaxation where people gather. Exploring the myth of Greekness and its contemporary embodiments, Hall narrates an open-ended story at Belvedere, inviting the viewer to actively participate through their gaze and step into their imagination, finishing the story on their terms.

For reservations and more information on Matsuhisa’s 20th anniversary, please visit Belvedere's website here.

International DJ Lineup:
Mia Moretti | June 15 – 21
Camilo Miranda | June 22 – 28
Mafalda | June 29 – July 5
Luca Averna | July 6 – 19
Hilit Kolet | July 20 – 26
Ceri | July 27 – August 2
Renata Do Valle | August 3 – 9
Lou Hayter | August 10 – 16
Marine Neuilly | August 17 – 30
Myriam Stamoulis | August 17 – 30 Fiona Jane | August 31 – September 6

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