The Art of Womanhood: Miss Polyplexi Unveils SS23 Collection

The Art of Womanhood: Miss Polyplexi Unveils SS23 Collection

Miss Polyplexi, the esteemed Greek label celebrated for its exquisite hand-crocheted "objects d' arts," proudly presents its impressive SS23 Collection, aptly named "Woman – An Ethereal Existence." Crafted by skilled female Greek artists, these handbags transcend mere accessories, resembling wearable pieces of art that honour the essence of womanhood.

Founded by the visionary Vasiliki Theodorou, the CEO & Designer of Miss Polyplexi, the brand draws inspiration from the profound role of women in society. Vasiliki envisions women as ethereal beings, embodying the very essence of life's feminine principle, manifesting their power as mothers, fighters, lovers, and healers. Recognising the inner warrior within them, Vasiliki's latest collection pays tribute to the shared needs and inclusivity among females, celebrating their uniqueness.

The SS23 Collection encompasses a stunning range of statement handbags designed in various styles to suit every taste. Whether gracefully draped on the shoulder or carried with elegance across the body, these hand-crocheted pieces are the epitome of art meeting functionality, catering to the modern, dynamic woman. Notable among them is the iconic "Monaco" bag, now available in a captivating array of sparkling colours, adding a touch of glamour to any ensemble. From sweet beige and mocha tones to bold orange, purple, turquoise, and fuchsia, the colour palette reflects the diverse spectrum of femininity.

At the heart of Miss Polyplexi's philosophy lies a commitment to impeccable craftsmanship, marrying functionality with high-quality materials. Vasiliki's mantra, "A good handbag is the one you show off by placing it on the table, rather than on the floor," underscores her attention to detail and dedication to delivering quality. Among her personal favourites from the collection is the "Irene" handbag in pure white, adored for its elegant rectangular shape and diamond-shaped twist-lock closure.

Since its inception in 2017, Miss Polyplexi has carved a niche in the fashion world by pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship in handmade bag design. The brand's unique hand-crocheted bags have earned widespread acclaim, securing a firm presence in the accessories universe. Now, as the brand embarks on its next chapter, Vasiliki is set to unveil an array of hand-crocheted beachwear garments and hats, complementing the existing line and further cementing her influence in the fashion industry.

Vasiliki Theodorou's journey to entrepreneurship is a tale of passion, determination, and a deep-rooted connection to the art of crocheting. As a young girl, she began with crocheting clothes for her dolls, later expanding her expertise to create hand-crocheted jewellery and accessories for her loved ones. She decided to crochet her first handbag that marked the genesis of Miss Polyplexi and her remarkable path as a designer.

Prior to founding the brand, the idea of starting her own business had never occurred to her. Raised by parents working in the public sector, there was no family business to inherit, leaving her with no formal preparation or mindset for entrepreneurship. However, her boundless aspiration, unwavering passion, and accumulated work experience nurtured the seed of an idea that began to grow within her.

The realisation that her hand-crocheted handbags were cherished by women who shared her passions filled Vasiliki with excitement and the burning desire to turn her dream into reality. The journey from conception to creation with all of its challenges echoed the sentiment of the Greek poem "Ithaka," which reminded her to savour the process as much as the destination, she says.

Hand-crocheting, once a popular craft in Greece, has gradually faded from everyday life. Vasiliki's mother, grandmother, and aunties practised this cherished tradition by creating household items, including tablecloths, doilies, blankets, and linens, intended as dowry pieces for their daughters. It was a stunning snow-white cover, lovingly crocheted by her mother for her king-size bed, that truly ignited Vasiliki's passion for the craft.

The talented and crafty skills passed down by her mother became the foundation for Vasiliki's own journey in creating beautiful hand-crocheted accessories. The admiration for her mother's patience, craftsmanship, and love for crocheting served as a catalyst, compelling Vasiliki to embrace the art form herself. The name "Miss Polyplexi" emerged as a tribute to her mother's artistry, cleverly synthesising the Greek words "poly" (meaning 'a lot') and "plexi" (meaning 'crochet') to create a unique, meaningful brand name.

Preserving the personalised touch, Vasiliki continues to design each handbag with passion, infusing them with love and care to evoke emotions in the women who hold them. Her creations are intended for dynamic modern women who appreciate distinctive craftsmanship, originality, and uniqueness. Each hand-crocheted masterpiece is an ode to individuality and expression, designed for women who dare to be different while embracing their sensitivity, delicacy, and eternal spirit of dreaming and exploration.

Inspiration for her designs is boundless, drawn from every aspect of life. From bustling streets and heartfelt conversations with friends to fine dining experiences and captivating films, Vasiliki finds creative sparks everywhere. However, it is her love for travel that has become a treasure trove of ideas and exclusive materials sourced from reputable Greek suppliers, enriching her designs with cultural diversity and rich experiences.

A genuine work of art, each Miss Polyplexi handbag blends high-quality yarn with genuine calf leather harmoniously. Vasiliki's preference for spacious bags reflects practicality and functionality, ensuring they effortlessly accommodate the daily essentials of today's dynamic woman. These timeless companions exude luxury and elegance, transcending trends to become lifelong treasures.

Miss Polyplexi's journey is a celebration of ethereal womanhood, beautifully intertwined with tradition, innovation, and a heartfelt dedication to craftsmanship. As Vasiliki's creative journey unfolds, she remains steadfast in her mission to empower women, celebrate their essence, and cherish their infinite journey, much like the legendary hero Odysseus on his voyage to Ithaka. With each hand-crocheted masterpiece, Miss Polyplexi weaves a tale of artistry and embraces the timeless beauty of the ethereal woman.

Miss Polyplexi SS23

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The Art of Womanhood: Miss Polyplexi Unveils SS23 Collection

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