Crete's Breathtaking and Treacherous Road

Treacherous Road

"Did you know that the most treacherous yet stunning route in all of Greece can be found in Crete?

This remarkable provincial road links the charming village of Kallikrati with Kapsodasos on the Kallikrati Plateau within the Chania regional unit.

As you traverse this 11-kilometre route, you'll encounter a staggering 27 hairpin turns, each one a demanding challenge. It's a road unlike any other in Greece, boasting a unique beauty that takes you on an 800-meter ascent from the sea to the clouds.

Crete's Breathtaking and Treacherous Road 1

For those who seek adventure and breathtaking vistas, this journey has drawn comparisons to the world-renowned Transfagarasan in Romania, celebrated as one of the most beautiful routes on the planet. Explore this remarkable road and its incredible landscape in the Up Stories video.


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