Over 150 locations listed as potential Islamist targets, including the Acropolis - Greek police on heightened alert

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Greek Police are on heightened alert due to the situation in the Middle East and the fear and potential of Islamist attacks in Greece.

A series of documents drawn up in the last few days by the police and marked "Confidential" and "Urgent" was published by the newspaper "Ta Nea". According to the police documents, 150 locations have been identified as potential targets by Islamist terrorists.

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According to analyses and records of the Security Authorities, which Ta Nea revealed, among the points that are considered targets of a possible attack by fanatical Islamists are the Parliament and the facilities of Western diplomatic mission, the Acropolis and the neighbouring Acropolis Museum, as well as green and recreational areas, such as the National Garden, Pedion Areos and other busy parks in the wider area of ​​the capital.

The same list includes Zappeion, shopping centres in Marousi, Agios Dimitrios and elsewhere, the 67 stations of the metro network and ISAP , the KTEL stations of Liosion and Kifissos, and military and police facilities.

In the same documents, issued on the two days of October 16-17, constant guarding and surveillance of at least 15 targets of Israeli interest (synagogues, diplomatic missions, companies, meeting places, etc.) is requested, with an additional order to the police "to carry out increased and substantial surveillance of the above-mentioned objectives, as well as schools - educational institutions where nationals from the specific country study."

However, despite the general alarm, high-ranking officials of the Security Authorities point out that so far there is no information about an attack on Greek soil.

Greek authorities are also checking social media with the aim of identifying posts that include hate speech.

In another police document, it is also requested that there be increased surveillance around military installations.

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