Eleni Psychoulis: Men see me as 60 years old and back away

Eleni Psychouli

Eleni Psychouli spoke about her eating disorders in the past and ageist discrimination in an interview with "MEGA Kalimera".

After a related question about the statements made by Pericles Kondylatos about overweight women, Eleni Psychouli expressed support for him.

As she said: "When I was little, I had eating disorders; I lost weight during times of stress. Many times in my life, I have reached 34 kg, but I was fine. I like thin people," she said.

"One of my principles in life is self-restraint, restraint in eating. I firmly believe what Kondylatos said. Obesity is a problem."

In speaking to Your Breakfast show earlier this month, Pericles Kondylatos said: "You would say that Greek women are women who have a European aesthetic and a sense of moderation, now I don’t see that anymore out on the street. I see overweight girls sticking their bellies out. I don’t have a problem with the extra kilos, but with body shaming and all these movements, we’ve lost our temper a little. It’s not possible for a man who doesn’t like something to show off his fat."

He then added: "We can’t see adverts with overweight women dancing ballet or adverts for sanitary napkins that show us that the model is a 100kg woman who throws them out. Someone must come out with courage and say it because we live in the age of political correctness where we are all afraid to speak."

Meanwhile, Eleni Psychouli also commented on age discrimination.

"A make-up artist told me I was doing Botox because she couldn't paint my eyes. Why must only young people be identified with beauty?", she said.

"Men see me in my 60s and back away, but I don't look at them either. I'm bored of companionship, and I want big love. Love has played a key role in my life," she revealed.

She added in the interview to MEGA, "It is not possible to be 60 years old and everything be nice, both the face and body. I choose a body."

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