Athens Aglow: Mayor Bakoyannis Lights Up Syntagma Square with 24,000 Christmas Lights

Athens Aglow: Mayor Bakoyannis Lights Up Syntagma Square with 24,000 Christmas Lights

Athens Lights Up for the Holidays: Mayor Bakoyannis Kicks Off Christmas Celebrations

The holiday spirit engulfed central Athens on Thursday as Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis officially lit up a magnificent 17-metre Christmas tree in Syntagma Square. The festive event marked the beginning of Athens' city-wide illumination, bringing joy and the Christmas spirit to the gathered crowd.

The towering fir tree, transported from Karpenisi this year, dazzled with 24,000 LED lights, unveiling its beautiful ornaments and hundreds of festive balls. The magic extended beyond the square, with a total of 83 kilometres of LED garlands and light tubes illuminating trees and columns throughout the city. Additionally, more than 3,800 aerial and arched LED ornaments adorned the urban landscape.

The festivities kicked off with a special concert, setting the joyful rhythm for the season. The mayor, in his festive address, invited the citizens of Athens to partake in the grand event, marking the official start of the city's Christmas celebrations.

The celebration wasn't confined to Syntagma Square; a total of 44 trees, large balloons, and teddy bears adorned 37 squares in the city, creating a festive ambiance. Ten Christmas villages sprung up in various squares, enhancing the holiday spirit.

The enthusiasm didn't end with the lighting ceremony. Nancy Zampetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos, hosts of the ERT "Studio 4" show, welcomed the audience to the glittering celebration on the central stage. Mayor Bakoyannis's vision, embodied by hundreds of decorations and the 24,000 LED lights, illuminated Athens, making it more beautiful than ever.

The mayor's Christmas motto set the tone for the coming days, promising a vibrant program of festive events. From live music on the Syntagma Square stage to street parties, creative activities for children, and Christmas performances, the city is set to sparkle until January 7, 2024.

As the Christmas tree in Syntagma Square lit up, it triggered the illumination of streets throughout Athens, transforming the city into a twinkling wonderland despite the rain. Thousands of people gathered in the central square, undeterred by the weather, to witness the magical moment and enjoy the planned musical festivities.

The festive mood is set to continue throughout the season, with cultural venues, museums, libraries, and various city spaces joining in the celebrations. The detailed program of "Christmas in Athens" 2023 will be announced soon on, ensuring that Athens remains aglow with Christmas magic and smiles until the New Year.

Photos by Eurokinissi/ Sotiris Dimitropoulos and Giorgos Kontarinis

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