The Super Herb That Relieves Stress, Period Pain, and Headaches: Unveiling 4 Hidden Benefits of Valerian


While you might know valerian primarily as a sleep aid, it holds hidden potential beyond lulling you off to dreamland. This humble herb boasts a surprising arsenal of benefits, tackling stress, period pain, and even headaches. So, let's unmask 4 lesser-known secrets of valerian:

1. Anxiety and Depression Vanquisher:

Valerian's calming nature makes it a natural ally against anxiety. Researchers found that a daily dose of 300mg for four weeks significantly reduced stress-related brain activity in individuals facing severe psychological stress. It may also offer relief from anxiety linked to sleep issues and specific conditions like kidney disease. However, while promising, using valerian as a standalone treatment for anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder requires further research.

2. Mood Booster and Depression Fighter:

A small 2021 study hinted at valerian's potential to combat depression. Among individuals undergoing hemodialysis, those taking daily valerian root supplements for a month saw significant improvements in depression-related symptoms compared to the placebo group. While more research is needed, it's a promising sign for those struggling with depression.

3. Period Pain Warrior:

Say goodbye to period pain with the help of Valerian! Its ability to suppress muscle spasms and alleviate pain comes to the rescue, easing premenstrual discomfort. A study involving 100 female college students with PMS demonstrated the power of valerian. The group receiving daily valerian root capsules during their menstrual cycle reported less severe physical PMS symptoms, including muscle pain and breast tenderness, compared to the control group. However, further research is needed to fully understand valerian's impact on period-related symptoms.

4. Tension Headache Tamer:

Tension-type headaches, the most common culprits, arise from muscle contractions in the head and neck due to stress, physical work, injuries, or depression. Researchers believe valerian's analgesic and sedative properties make it a potential natural treatment option. A 2020 study found that participants with tension-type headaches who took 530mg of valerian root extract daily for one month experienced significant reductions in headache severity compared to those receiving a placebo.

Remember: While valerian offers an array of potential benefits, it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplements into your routine. Together, you can explore if valerian's hidden powers are a welcome addition to your wellness journey.

Βαλσαμόριζα (Valsamoriza): This is the most common translation for the herb valerian (Valeriana officinalis) in Greek. It translates to "balsam root," reflecting the fragrant, slightly medicinal scent of the plant.

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