Trizonia: Onassis' Dream Island in the Corinthian Bay

Trizona Island

A Lilliputian Paradise with a Past and Present Charm

Imagine a tiny, pristine island with fewer than 70 inhabitants, cradled in the tranquil waters of the Corinthian Bay. Opposite Aigion on the Greek mainland, just a stone's throw from the coast, lies Trizonia, a dreamlike escape that once captivated even the legendary shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

Unlike other Greek islands, this gem whispers secrets not through ancient ruins but through its unique character.

A Walkable Haven with Enchanting History

Being the only inhabited island in the Corinthian Bay, Trizonia belongs to the Fokida prefecture. While two neighbouring islands, Ai-Yiannis and Planemi, remain uninhabited, Trizonia welcomes you warmly. Small enough to explore on foot in minutes, it boasts special tranquillity - a haven for boaters in the summer and nature lovers year-round.

A Forbidden Love Affair with Luxury Cars

But Trizonia's allure stretches beyond its idyllic scenery. In the late 1950s, Aristotle Onassis, yearning for a private sanctuary, set his sights on this charming isle. He envisioned it as his own personal refuge and frequently visited, seeking ways to make it his own. However, fate had other plans for the Greek tycoon, and eventually, his island dreams materialized on Skorpios, where his legendary legacy unfolded.

Reaching Trizonia: A Short and Sweet Journey

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Unless you arrive by private yacht, access to Trizonia comes courtesy of regular ferry boats departing from the charming village of Chania, about 20 kilometres from Nafpaktos. The short 500-meter trip across the calm water takes only minutes, leaving you ready to delve into the island's unspoiled beauty.

A Final Note:

With its pristine sands, car-free tranquillity, and a touch of historical intrigue, Trizonia offers a unique island experience in Greece. While Onassis' dream of owning it may have remained unfulfilled, Trizonia remains an enchanting escape ready to welcome you with its own captivating story.

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