Scientists reveal Greek Diet helps prevent over 50 diseases

Virgin Olive oil being poured

Over a hundred scientists and researchers, including doctors, nutritionists, agronomists, food technologists, and chemists, have been waging a crucial battle through the Hellenic Oxidative Stress Observatory for the past six years.

Their mission? To inform and evaluate agrifood products, identifying valuable antioxidants that prevent dozens of diseases.

olive oil poured into a bowl

At a recent tasting event in Thessaloniki, the Observatory presented the impressive health benefits of Greek olive oil, particularly its ability to combat premature aging. Key components like oleocanthal act as powerful antioxidants, proactively defending the body against free radicals.

"Oleocanthal's anti-inflammatory properties are comparable to ibuprofen," explained Dr. Apostolos Kyritzakis, chairman of the Observatory.

Smoking, poor diet, excessive alcohol, air pollution, toxins, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, pesticides, and fatty tissue oxidation are all well-known contributors to oxidative stress in the body. This stress, according to Dr. Kyritzakis, is linked to over 50 diseases and is even considered the primary factor behind premature aging. Fortunately, the polyphenols found in olive oil play a positive role in healthy aging by preventing telomere shortening and activating the telomerase enzyme.

"When free radicals outnumber the antioxidants we consume, oxidative stress occurs," Dr. Kyritzakis warns.

Thankfully, the Mediterranean diet offers a wealth of natural antioxidants to combat this stress. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, herbs, wine, legumes, and olive oil are all rich in antioxidants that help neutralize harmful free radicals and protect our health.

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