Get wonderfully lost in Naxos’ beauty.

Naxos Island

Naxos is by far one of my favourite islands. It’s undoubtedly an island that can easily seduce you and have you wanting to come back for more.

naxos chalk

The biggest Cycladic island has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beach lover, a food addict or you’re a culture enthusiast, Naxos has you covered.

Let’s discover this gorgeous island!

You know you’ve arrived when you see the popular and iconic Portara, the remains of an ancient temple, which lies on Palatia island overlooking the sea. It’s a beautiful place and becomes even more magical during sunset.

*Psilli Ammos beach

The beaches

Naxos has amazing beaches with crystal clear waters! Plaka and Mikri Vigla should be on your list; golden sand and good vibes. Agios Prokopios is also worth a visit, but be prepared for a possible smell, coming from the salt evaporation ponds.

If you prefer something ‘wilder’ and a more imposing scenery, then head to Hawaii beach. Access can be a bit tough but the scenery is breathtaking!

There are also numerous beaches near Apiranthos, which you can explore. One of them is Psilli Ammos.

*Naxos is full of beauty on every corner

Gastronomic adventures

Naxos is a blood relative to good food. It’s known for its popular potatoes and delicious cheese. One of the best places to eat at is ‘Axiotissa’ but you have to make reservations in advance. It’s a tavern in high demand and for a good reason; its food is mouthwatering! It has the best potatoes (chips), amazing meat options and tasty starters.

One more top restaurant that you need to visit is ‘Nissaki’. Make sure to order octopus salad and pasta.

For delicious fish bites go to ‘Meze2’ in Chora (the main town). Locals will suggest ordering the little fish called ‘gouna’. Listen to them!

Overall, Naxos offers excellent honey, citrus, and cheese. You must try the local graviera with truffle. Heaven!

The ones with the sweet tooth will find their own paradise in Waffle House; delicious ice cream and waffles.

And the night goes on in Naxos. For drinks, I strongly recommend bar 52 and Swing. Nevertheless, there are many bars around Chora, I am sure you will find the one you love.

*Mountainous views

Picturesque Villages

Chalki and Apiranthos (or Aperathos) are two more reasons why you will fall deeply in love with Naxos—cute villages with narrow cobblestone streets and lovely corners.

Chalki is known for its delicious ‘galaktoboureko’ and ‘keftedes’ (meatballs). Apiranthos is the jewel of Naxos. It manages to keep its authenticity, whilst its architecture and stone-built houses will open the door to the old times. Don’t miss having coffee or food at one of the cafes that overlooks the Green Valley.

Lastly, one morning before you head to the beach, enjoy a coffee under the big plane tree of Damarionas village.

*Stroll through the many alleyways

The Castle

This was one of my favourite strolls. If you also love the alleys and these little streets which reveal the old life that once existed there, then I am sure you will adore this place. The castle is still one of the island’s neighbourhoods with traditional houses. I suggest you visit before sunset; it’s the golden hour, and all the views are priceless.

*Naxos is the largest Cycladic island

Archaeological interest

If you are a traveller with cultural interests, then I am sure you will find the list below useful:

  1. The aforementioned Portara, which is the remains from Apollon’s Temple
  2. Dimitra’s Temple in Sangri is of importance, as it offers useful details on various temples’ architecture
  3. Kouros and Kori Melanon
  4. Kouros of Apollon
  5. Archaeological Museum of Apiranthos
  6. Venetian Museum of Naxos

Naxos can be very expensive during high season, and in case you want to take your car to Chora, you will need at least 30 minutes to find a parking spot.

Portara is the Symbol of Naxos. It is a huge marble gate, a remnant of a temple of Apollo of 530 BC, which remained unfinished in its construction. It consists of 4 pieces of marble weighing 20 tons.
Portara is the Symbol of Naxos. It is a huge marble gate, a remnant of the temple of Apollo of 530 BC, which remained unfinished in its construction. It consists of 4 pieces of marble weighing 20 tons.

But this Cycladic island is so enchanting, it will really steal your heart. I have already visited three times, and why not once more?

Maria Petropoulou


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