Greece Sets Sights on Huge Indian Market for Tourism Growth

Greece Sets Sights on Huge Indian Market for Tourism Growth

In a bid to attract more visitors and promote its stunning destinations, Greece has set its sights on the vast Indian tourism market. At the recent OTM 2024 event held at the Jio World Convention Center in Mumbai, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) showcased its offerings and engaged with key players in the Indian tourism sector.

Officials from GNTO sought valuable insights to boost tourist arrivals from India, which had shown promising growth before the Covid-19 pandemic. This renewed focus on the Indian market follows a significant meeting between Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last summer, where both leaders emphasised the importance of enhancing direct air connectivity and tourism exchanges.

Eleftheria Fili, a representative of GNTO at OTM 2024, highlighted Greece's appeal to Indian travellers. Fili expressed GNTO's commitment to tailor experiences that resonate with Indian visitors, particularly targeting honeymooners and film enthusiasts. Greece's rich historical legacy, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality aim to create unforgettable experiences for Indian tourists.

The interest in Greek destinations aligns with the significant growth in India's outbound travel market, projected to exceed $44 billion by 2032. Mandeep S. Lamba, South Asia President of global hospitality industry consultancy firm HVS, South Asia President noted the evolving aspirations and increasing affordability driving this trend among India's middle class and youth population.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis' upcoming visit to India further underscores the commitment to enhancing bilateral cooperation. In a complementary effort, Athens International Airport (AIA), This is Athens – Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), and Gulf Air organised a familiarisation trip to Athens for Indian travel representatives, aiming to deepen their understanding of Greek offerings.

The GNTO's efforts at OTM 2024 received recognition with the prestigious "Best Decoration Award," highlighting the positive reception of Greece's tourism initiatives in India. Distinguished visitors, including Deputy Chief Minister and Rajasthan State Tourism Minister Diya Kumari, acknowledged GNTO's endeavours, showcasing the growing cooperation between Greek and Indian tourism authorities.

Greece's foray into the Indian tourism market marks a strategic move to diversify its visitor base and capitalise on the growing interest among Indian travellers, fostering cultural exchange and economic cooperation between the two nations.

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