Elderly British Man Killed in Corfu Quad Bike Accident


Tragedy struck on the Greek island of Corfu as a 74-year-old British man lost his life in a quad bike accident near the hamlet of Alevropari. The victim was riding along the Corfu to Lefkimmi Road on the island's south side when the incident occurred, resulting in fatal injuries after he veered off course and fell from his vehicle.

Authorities from the Achilles Police Station have initiated an investigation to determine the circumstances leading to the accident.

This unfortunate incident comes in the wake of a similar quad bike fatality involving a British teenager on the nearby island of Zakynthos last year. Ryan Bennet, who tragically lost his life in July, was revealed to have likely lost control of his quad bike, resulting in fatal consequences despite wearing a helmet.

The UK's Travel Association has previously issued warnings to holidaymakers regarding the dangers associated with quad bike rentals, urging individuals to only use them as part of organised off-road excursions. Nikki White, the association's director of destinations and sustainability, emphasised the risks involved in hiring such vehicles while abroad.

"Every year, people suffer serious injuries after hiring mopeds or quad bikes while on holiday," White stated. "Many have little experience of using these vehicles and are also unfamiliar with the local roads and driving standards."

She further cautioned travellers about the limitations of travel insurance policies, noting that many may not cover activities like quad biking. Instead, the association recommended safer alternatives such as renting cars, taking taxis, or using public transportation to avoid unnecessary risks while vacationing.


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